Smoking in the Workplace Policy

Effective: September 2000

Reviewed: April 2014, November 2016

Revised:  November 2016

Signature/Position: Vice-President, Finance, Administration and Risk


Applicable Legislation:

Smoke Free Ontario S.O. 1994 c.10

SFOA General Regulation 48/06

Ontario Fire Code, O. Reg. 213/07 Section 2.4.3.

Guelph Smoking By-Law,(1995)-14892



This policy applies to all employees (faculty and staff), students, visitors, and contractors on all University owned, managed or leased properties including University owned or leased vehicles.


Policy Statements:

  1. Smoking is prohibited:
  1. In any enclosed public place or any enclosed workplace including all University buildings, University residences and University vehicles (while on or off University property) and in any building space that is owned, managed or leased by the University.
  2. Within 9 meters (30ft) of any University building entrance or exit, loading dock, fresh air intake or compressed gas storage area.
  3. On university sports fields and surfaces.
  4. On bar and restaurant patios on all University owned, managed or leased properties.
  5. On children’s playgrounds and in public spaces within 20 meters of the playground this includes the playground located at the University Child Care & Learning Centre.


  1. All smokers are expected to use the external cigarette waste receptacles (ashtrays) as provided by the University.


  1. The only exemption to this policy are:
  • a person who smokes or holds lighted tobacco in a scientific research and testing facility for the purpose of conducting research or testing concerning tobacco or tobacco products
  • any aboriginal person or persons accompanied by an aboriginal person smoking tobacco or holding lighted tobacco for a traditional Aboriginal cultural or spiritual ceremony.



for the purpose of this policy smoking includes the carrying of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other lighted smoking devices and electronic cigarettes.

Enclosed workplace (as per Smoke Free Ontario Act)

an enclosed place, building or structure that employees work in or frequent during the course of their employment whether or not they are acting in the course of their employment at the time and is covered by a roof.

Enclosed public place (as per Smoke Free Ontario Act)

an enclosed place, building, structure or vehicle to which the public is ordinarily invited or permitted access whether or not a fee is charged for entry and is covered by a roof.