Milestones & Timeline

HRMS: Discovery and Consultation Phase

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Progress to Date

  • The first major milestone was the engagement kick-off, which took place on January 9, 2019.

  • The "Initiate and Define" phase was completed in January through early May.  It included stakeholder workshops and surveys to define the requirements matrix and developing a detailed project plan. 

  • The "Analyze" phase - May to July - is now complete. This phase comprised developing the RFP scorecard, RFP package for evaluation, and the vendor overall scorecard. 

  • With the issuance of the RFP on July 29, the second major milestone was achieved. 


  • The "Vendor Assessment" phase is currently underway in September to late-October. 

  • The third major milestone will be the vendor demos, which will take place in late-November.


  • The "Recommend" phase will take place in December. It will include developing the final vendor scorecard and the summary report. Tentative timing to notify selected vendor(s) is mid-December.

  • The "Implementation Planning" phase will take place in January and February. It will include the development of the implementation success criteria and a detailed project plan.

  • The fourth major milestone will be the finalizing of the vendor contract, which will take place in January and February.