Jason Tyszka

Recruitment undergraduate student enrollment for Engineering and Math & Stats

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Sales and Marketing Advisor

Work with the Vice-Director to gain an understanding of the overall business goals and the marketing activities of the college;
Provide guidance in developing a marketing strategy and plan for STHC;
Provide training to the managers and staff on developing and implementing marketing strategies;
Ensure the participation of women and youth, as well as their representation, in all activities of and all program benefits; and
Write reports required by STHC and the Uniterra program.

What a great opportunity that I didn't realize was available. I think my midlife crisis (if i am having one) is looking at what have I done to leave the world a better place. Have I given more than I have taken and really want to appreciate how good I really have it. I am excited to been given an opportunity to grow as a person and experience a place I always wanted to visit.