Mario Deschamps

Mario Deschamps
Leave for Change Assignment: 
Fire Prevention and Health and Safety Advisor
Leave for Change Partner Organization: 
Hoa Sua School

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I presently work as a Special Constable with the University of Guelph Campus Community Police.

After an extensive career in fire prevention both on and off campus, I broadened my role to Special Constable. I have the skills, knowledge, and calm personality allowing me to identify potential hazards to act quickly as well as effectively in emergency situations while providing comfort to others in times of distress. As I work with diverse cultures each day, paired with my knowledge of fluent English and French, as well as past employment where I travelled extensively alone throughout the world, I am confident that not only do I have valuable skills to work with communities abroad but I entail the personal characteristics needed to adapt to differences in climates, cultural differences, and environments.

My mandate with Leave for Change in 2013 was a Fire Prevention and Health Safety Advisor with the community partner Hoa Sua School in Vietnam. The Uniterra Leave for Change program excited me for the opportunity to create growth internationally in others. I am excited at the prospect to share my values, skills, and mentorship with others in hopes that it will develop their goals, self-esteem and benefit their communities. My inner passion of dealing with people individually or in a community based environment is what motivates me in helping others achieve within their own lives and to build on better futures in developing countries. I particularly enjoy seeing the growth in young adolescents and adults as they mature and make way to improve their lives within the community.