E-Pay Statement

As part of the University’s commitment to sustainability, the University of Guelph provides paperless pay statements.

As a university employee, you can access your own pay statement(s) using your central login and password.  If you are not aware of your central login account information you or your department administrator can contact the CCS Help Centre at ext. 58888 to request the login and password.

Accessing your e-pay statement

Once you receive your central login, here’s how to access your information:

  • Using your central login and password, log in to the Electronic Pay Statement portal
  • Click on View. The most recent pay advice is shown.  There is a drop down menu to view previous pay advices.

Should you wish to retain a copy for your records, a hard copy can be printed or a PDF file can be saved to your desktop. 

Before you leave your workstation, ensure that you logout and close all your web browsers to protect your data.