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SEDRD Donates $60,000 in Equipment to CFRU 93.3 FM

The School of Environmental Design & Rural Development's (SEDRD) Capacity Development and Extension (CDE) program recently donated its entire radio production studio to CFRU 93.3 FM, the University of Guelph campus radio station. The donation was arranged by Prof. Helen Hambly Odame and included all audio production hardware and software previously installed in the school's Media Lab. A preliminary estimate places the value of the equipment donated at approximately $62,000. The equipment includes broadcast microphones, a mixing console, processing hardware and software, computers and monitors, patch bays, cables and connectors, monitor speakers, and more.

New Dairy Genomics Professor Announced

The Department of Animal and Poultry Science is pleased to announce Dr. Christine Baes will be taking up the Semex – Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) – Holstein Canada Professorship in Dairy Genomics effective June 1, 2015. Dr. Baes will join the department as an assistant professor. The position is supported by a $750,000 gift from Semex Alliance, Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) and Holstein Canada.

Chris stands outside in jacket beside a sign saying "Crop Science"

Meet Chris, Crop Science Student

Growing up on a broiler breeder farm, Christopher Olbach came to OAC to expand his knowledge of agriculture. Focusing on crop science, Chris hopes to get into the field (literally) as a crop agronomist. He is an active member of the OAC community as the president of his class and enjoys the relationships he is building at the University.

Out of the Classroom and Into the Field

In 2010, Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) dean Rob Gordon met with Aileen MacNeil, director of the Agriculture Development Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) regarding the challenges the branch was facing with finding qualified employees. While scribbling ideas on a napkin at a restaurant, the two agreed on a partnership where OAC students could learn new skills under the mentorship of both OMAFRA staff and University of Guelph (UofG) professors.

Lauren wearing red and a white and black scarf, trees behind her

Meet Lauren, Agriculture Student

Lauren Benoit is active in almost "everything OAC". She enthusiastically volunteers her time with various clubs and associations on campus and still has time to explore the sights of Guelph. Lauren's summer job as a field researcher assistant expanded her passion for agriculture, and she hopes to continue her education in the area of plant agriculture.  

CREATE-ing Environmental Leaders

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin makes up one-fifth of the world’s freshwater and some of the most productive agricultural land in North America. It is also home to over 35 million people, or roughly 10 per cent of the population of North America, and with such a concentrated human presence comes environmental impact.

Burnbrae Farms Ensures Commitment to Poultry Welfare in Canada

Burnbrae Farms has gifted $500,000 to the University of Guelph to establish the Burnbrae Farms Professorship in Poultry Welfare, a tenure track position in the Department of Animal and Poultry Science. Dr. Alexandra Harlander will assume this position and serve the poultry industry with her insights on animal welfare and behavior in all poultry species. 

Gabrielle outside infront of a tree

Meet Gabrielle, BBRM Student

Gabrielle Nichols is going into her fourth year of study in Bachelor of Bio-resource Management program in the Environmental Management major. She immersed herself into the University of Guelph community this year after spending her first two years of study at Ridgetown Campus. In addition to volunteering for a sustainability project on campus, Gabrielle was the B.B.R.M. representative for SFOAC and the SFOAC representative on the B.B.R.M. student council. Gabrielle is determined to get the most out of her university experience.

Carissa wearing grey sweater outside in front of tree

Meet Carissa, BBRM Student

Carissa White is a social butterfly. As an Equine Management student, member of the B.B.R.M. student council, U of G ambassador, volunteer with Equine Guelph, and an assistant to OAC outreach programs this past year, she is not missing a beat. Carissa is in love with the beautiful University of Guelph campus and is proud to be an OAC student who enjoys the diversity that her program offers.

Devon with striped shirt, stands in front of fence and trees

Meet Devon: An Animal Biology Student

Devon Stober has just completed the second year of her undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Science - Animal Biology program. Devon is an animal lover, like most animal biology students, and has fallen in love with the University of Guelph campus. Devon has aspirations of continuing her time on the Guelph campus by pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, and took some time to share her experiences.

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