Respirator Fit Testing

The Respirator Fit Testing (or The Respirator Fit Test Clinic) is intended for all personnel who are required to wear tight-fitting respirators (e.g., N95 filtering facepiece, half facepiece or full facepiece) and for those who have concerns about respiratory hazards in the workplace. 

In order to provide adequate protection, a respirator must be suited to the hazard, properly fitted, worn correctly, and properly stored and maintained. EHS personnel will provide assistance in the selection of the appropriate respiratory protection, perform fit testing, and provide training on the use, care and maintenance of your respirator.

According to our Respiratory Protection Program, a fit test shall be performed prior to initial use of a tight-fitting respirator and at least every two (2) years, unless otherwise determined and approved by EHS. Fit tests are required for disposable respirators as well as for non-disposable respirators, and a separate fit test is required for each different model and style of respirator. 

The fit test shall NOT be performed unless the person undergoing the test is CLEAN SHAVEN where the facepiece seals to the skin. The participant should also refrain from eating / drinking / smoking / chewing gum 15 minutes prior to the fit test. The respirator fit test typically takes 30 to 45 minutes to perform and pre-registration is available on the Online Course Registration System.