Incident and Injury Reporting

To report an injury, incident or accident including emergencies and critical injuries, please follow the University Injury Reporting Process and complete the Incident Reporting Form.

Report a Near-Miss Incident (an unplanned event that did NOT result in injury, illness or property loss but had the potential to do so) to your immediate Supervisor and complete the Incident Reporting Form.

Report Hazardous Conditions (an existing or potential condition in the workplace that can result in injury, illness or property loss) to your Supervisor and to EHS if further assistance is required so that they may be dealt with as quickly as possible.  Hazardous conditions that are easily addressed should be corrected immediately.  Those that require a work order to address or for emergency repairs should be submitted to Physical Resources, this includes the reporting of winter hazardous conditions that may require snow removal, salting or sanding. 

Please ensure that a copies of the Incident reports are sent to the bargaining group and local JHSC, as applicable. 

For reporting workplace harassment or workplace violence please use the Workplace Harassment Reporting Form or the Workplace Violence Reporting Form respectively.