Prescription Protective Eye-Wear Program

CSA Approved

Under the University of Guelph's Safety Eye-wear Program, employees are entitled to one Occupational Vision Plan (OVP) authorization form, for one pair of prescription protective eye-wear, once every 2 years/24 months.

This protective eye-wear will be provided by authorized optometrists part of the Vision At Work Program only. A complete listing of authorized optometrists in the Vision at Work Program is available on the Vision at Work Optometrists Website. (This is a separate form, and does not affect your personal prescription eye-wear plan through your SunLife benefits.)

Procedure to Obtain

  1. Supervisors or an authorized staff member will contact EHS by email at and supply the following information:
    • Employee's name
    • University of Guelph Employee Number
    • Position
    • Department
    • Bargaining Group
    • Supervisor’s name and extension
  2. An Authorization form will be completed and sent to the Supervisor for his/her signature of authorization.
  3. The employee signs the Authorization Form to authorize the release of information arising from an examination if one is required. The employee then presents the form to an authorized optometrist.
  4. Invoices for payment of the eye-wear will be submitted to the University of Guelph by the Canadian Association of Optometrists; no up-front payment is required by the employee.


  • Eye-exams are not covered by the University of Guelph's Safety Eye-wear program.
  • The authorized optometrist will fill a recent prescription from the employee's regular optometrist without an additional appointment or eye exam.
  • If you require an eye exam in addition to the one covered by your SunLife benefit plan the cost of the exam is your responsibility.
  • The form sent to your optometrist must be current.
  • Any "Special Instructions" pertaining to this safety eye-wear must be authorized by EHS by emailing or faxing to 519-824-0364, before the order is placed.

For additional information, see Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines.