Non-Occupational Short-Term Disability (STD) - A Short-Term Absence due to Medical Reasons

The University of Guelph has a self-funded sick leave program which provides income continuance for verifiable illness or injury for eligible employees.   

For absences of five (5) or more days, an employee must provide medical evidence to Occupational Health and Wellness (OHW), verifying the illness.  The University may require evidence for shorter absences.

For further information and requirements related to sick leave please refer to HR Policy 500 Sick Leave, All Staff

Employee Responsibilities:

  • Contact your supervisor/manager to inform them of your absence.
  • Please have your medical practitioner complete the Attending Physician's Form.
  • Submit the medical documentation directly by fax to 519-780-1796 or upload to the OHW Secure Drive.

The required medical documentation should include the following information:

  1. General nature of the illness
  2. Certification that the employee is under the care of a regulated health professional and dates seen in relation to current absence
  3. Confirmation employee is unable to work; or, can work with medical restrictions, along with the specific restrictions/limitations and expected duration
  4. Confirmation employee is following a treatment plan
  5. The expected date of Return to Work (RTW) or reassessment date
  • Maintain contact with the University through your Supervisor/Manager and OHW.

Additional information regarding short term absences for medical reasons for USW members

Supervisor/Manager Responsibilities:

  • Communicate to your employee that a medical note is required and that it is to be provided to OHW. 
  • Notify OHW that the employee is absent, indicate their last day worked and that they have been notified to provide a medical note.

In addition to sick leave, there are other types of absences approved by the University and available to eligible employees. Please refer to HR Policy 501 Leaves of Absence, All Staff and work with your Supervisor and HR Consultant to request a leave of absence.