COVID-19 - The Return to Work Process

Think you have COVID or had contact with a positive case?

1. Complete the Ontario Self Assessment Tool, and follow the direction given.

2. If you are unable to perform your work duties due to COVID-19 related symptoms, please complete the Employee Self-Declaration Form.

3. Please notify your supervisor/manager/chair or division head to inform them of your absence, per your departmental process.

4. If your absence is under five days, you do NOT need to receive clearance from Occupational Health and Wellness (OHW) to return to work provided you follow the directions from the Ontario COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool. When your self-isolation period ends (based on guidelines in the Ontario COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool) and you are able to return to work please inform your supervisor of your return to work date.

5. For absences of five or more days, please have your medical practitioner complete the Attending Physician's Form. Once completed, submit the medical documentation directly by fax to 519-780-1796 or upload to the OHW Secure Drive. For more information and requirements related to our Short-Term Disability process refer to   

The University of Guelph's mask mandate has been paused; however, you are required to wear a mask in public settings for 10 days after COVID-19 symptom onset (20 days for immunocompromised individuals) as per Government of Ontario direction.


For more information visit  Healthy Campus | University of Guelph ( If you have other COVID-19 related questions, please contact Occupational Health and Wellness at or 519-824-4120 ext. 56804.