EHS Policies

Below is an alphabetized list of all the Health and Safety Policies and Programs.

Policy Title

Policy Category

Policy ID

Biosafety Policy Biosafety Program 851.11.01
Confined Space Policy Safe Work Procedures 851.06.02
Designated Substances Policy Hazardous Materials 851.08.11
Electrical Safety Policy Equipment Policy 851.07.13
Environmental Health and Safety Policy Administration 851.01.01
Equipment Standards, Authorization and Use Policy Equipment Policy 851.07.01
Eyewash Stations and Safety Showers Policy Emergencies 851.03.04
Joint Health and Safety Committees Policy Administration 851.01.04
Lifting Device Policy Equipment Policy 851.07.04
Lockout/Tagout Policy Safe Work Procedures 851.06.01
Minors in University Workplaces Policy Administration 851.01.11
Off-Campus Activities, Research and Field Trips Safe Work Procedures 851.06.23
Pesticides Policy Hazardous Materials 851.08.09
Potentially Hazardous Events and Activities Policy Administration 851.01.15
Radiation Safety Policy Radiation Safety Program 851.09.01
Respiratory Protection Programs Policy Personal Protective Equipment 851.05.06
Substances Regulated Under the Chemical Weapons Convention Policy Hazardous Materials 851.08.13
Volunteers Policy Administration 851.01.09
Working Alone Policy Safe Work Procedures 851.06.06
Working with Animals Policy Safe Work Procedures 851.06.15
Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy Administration 851.01.18
Workplace Harassment Prevention Program Administration n/a
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy Administration 851.01.17
Workplace Violence Prevention Program Administration n/a