Potentially Hazardous Events and Activities Policy

Effective: September 2000
Reviewed: June 2023
Revised: June 2017
Signature/Position: Vice-President, Finance and Operations

Application Legislation:

Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), R.S.O. 1990


This policy applies to members of the University of Guelph community who are organizers of potentially hazardous events or activities on/or off University owned or controlled property including the Guelph Campus, Ridgetown Campus and University Research Stations.

Policy Statements

  1. The organizer of the potentially hazardous event or activity is responsible for providing an outline of the event activities to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and/or the Central Students Association (CSA) Student Risk Manager and for seeking the approval of all University authorities having responsibility or interest in the event.
  2. The organizer shall furnish proof of any liability insurance required by the University to the Treasury Office.
  3. The organizer shall use and retain completed release and indemnification forms, as required by the University.
  4. The organizer shall notify appropriate University authorities if a sanctioned potentially hazardous event or activity is postponed or cancelled.
  5. The organizer shall conduct the potentially hazardous event or activity in accordance with the documentation and in the manner stipulated by relevant University authorities.
  6. The University reserves the right to suspend or terminate all potentially hazardous events or activities as owner of the property or employer or as supervisory due diligence warrants


Term Definition
Potentially hazardous event or activity An organized event or activity conducted on University owned or controlled property by University employees, student groups or off-campus organizations, that may have the risk of harm to persons, damage to property or liabilities to the University. Examples may include but are not limited to, special events/activities such as ballooning, scaling walls, laser light shows, use of equipment.