Denise Mohan

Denise Mohan
Leave for Change Assignment: 
Advisor- a culture of volunteerism in youth
Leave for Change Partner Organization: 
El Centro Voluntariado de Guatemala - CVG

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I am a Faculty member in the Hispanic Studies programme in the School of Languages & Literatures. I arrived in Guelph from Trinidad and Tobago 36 years ago and have always lived in the Guelph area. I completed my undergraduate degree in French and Spanish at Guelph. My husband is a Guelph grad (CIS '75) and retired employee and both my sons are Guelph graduates (B.Eng. '00 and B. Comp. '04). I have worked at the university in one capacity or the other since my first part time job here in 1979. You could say that Guelph is my University. I have been fascinated by L4C ever since the university started participating in the programme. However, I always hesitated to apply because I could not imagine what I could offer to L4C. Three of my colleagues in the School of Languages & Literatures did participate and have been witnesses to the transformational experience one has in the programme. As the fourth member of the School to participate in L4C, I am inspired by the stories of their experiences and consider myself extremely fortunate to join the group. Outside of work, I am the proud mother of 3 amazing young people who somehow became inspiring adults while I never grew a year older! To restore myself, I enjoy reading, walking, music, cooking, baking and spending quality time with family and friends, all of these liberally sprinkled with laughter. I lead a truly blessed life and I am driven to contribute to my community, both on campus and in the city of Guelph and I have done so with a variety of organizations. When I applied to L4C, I thought I would give up my annual "leave", I would "leave" Canada and go someplace to effect "change". When I was accepted to L4C, I instantly realized that the biggest changes were going to happen right here, in me. And I totally embrace that reality. Thanks for the opportunity!