Searching the Inventory

1. Log into Hechmet using your provided Username and Password.

Insert user ID and passed on the HECHMET website

2. Click on the Chemical Module found on the right side of the screen.

Click Chemical Module

3. Under the Chemical Heading on the left, click on View/Update.

Click View/Update under the Chemical Heading

4. Use any of the filters to search by: (Bar Code #, PI, Department, Location, Chemical Name, CAS Number).

Note: Clicking on Column Headings will organize the list based on that quality. List can be exported to Excel.

Use filters to search

5. The SDS for a chemical can be accessed by clicking CW in the far-right column. CW stands for Chemwatch; the SDSs database. If the supplier SDS is required, it can be accessed through EHS portal here: Chemwatch Safety Data Sheets.

Click CW in the far right column to access the SDS for a chemical

 searching by chemical name

Example – Searching by Chemical Name: Type in the chemical name and click Search. The results will appear in a list below the search box. This list can be filtered by adding more search criteria.

Note: Searching by CAS number locates the specific chemical regardless of differences in nomenclature.

Searching by CAS number

6. The generated list can be exported to Excel by clicking the Export Icon. This will create an Excel spreadsheet containing all the chemicals listed under the Search Box.

Note: To export the entire lab inventory, search by researcher name in the PI text box or by room number in the Location text box. Then click Export.

Export button is found at the top right side