Field Crop Research - Guidance on the Use of Multiple Person Equipment & Physical Distancing

Field Crop Research - Guidance on the Use of Multiple Person Equipment, Physical Distancing and Masks

Reminder for all employees:

  • If you feel sick, stay home, DO NOT come to campus/work and inform your supervisor.
  • If you become sick while at work, STOP what you are doing, isolate yourself from others. Put on a face covering and wash your hands. Go home as soon as possible. Avoid public transit and take measures to protect others around you. Inform your supervisor.
  • If you are ill/have symptoms, do not come to campus/work. Ensure that you complete the Ontario COVID-19 Self-Assessment and follow the direction given. Also, complete and submit the University Employee Self Declaration Form. Refer to U of G webpage “What to do when you’re sick or have been exposed” for more information.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) in consultation with the Office of Research have determined the following:

  1. Where work on field equipment prevents staff from physical distancing i.e. within 2 metres, medical masks must be worn and use of eye protection (e.g., face shield or goggles) should be considered.
  2. Frequent hand washing and avoiding touching your face is important to keeping yourself safe and healthy.   
  3. The use of a N95 respirator (instead of a non-medical mask) must be limited and should only be considered if the respirator is required to carry out the job safely by reducing exposure to airborne contaminants (other than COVID-19), such as field dust and treated seed. You may wear the N95 respirator if it is warranted by the task in question, as previously determined by EHS.
  4. An option may exist to wear a half facepiece elastomeric respirator with particulate filters for those whose tasks require them to use such respiratory protection for the hazards in their work, as previously determined by EHS.

For further information please contact Christi Cooper, Manager, Agricultural & Veterinary Safety, at or 519-212-0426 or Bryan Lee,  Senior Health and Safety Consultant (Occupational Hygiene) at or at 519-824-4120 extension 54855.