Biosafety Training

Within both laboratory and animal handling facilities at the University, research, teaching and diagnostic activities are conducted that involve the handling of biohazardous or potentially biohazardous materials. At the University, this is managed under an internal permitting system, whereby Biohazard Permits are issued upon application and review of the work.   All individuals who work, or will be working under a Biohazard permit, must be be familiar with the University’s Biosafety program, applicable regulatory requirements and practices for working safely with biohazardous materials.   

For biosafety online training registration instructions.

Two versions of this training are available as follows:

  • Biosafety – Principal Investigator/Supervisor
  • Biosafety – Investigative Staff/Lab Worker

The following modules are included based on your role: 

  • Biosafety Information
  • Pathogen and Toxin Compliance 
  • Introduction
  • Containment Level 2 Procedures and Practices 
  • Emergency Response 
  • Biosecurity Program
  • Inventory Control Program
  • Equipment Maintenance Program
  • Housekeeping Program
  • Medical Surveillance Program
  • Biohazard Import, Transfer and Purchase Procedure
  • Biohazard Disposal

Following the training, you will be required to complete a brief quiz. Completion of the quiz with a grade of at least 75% or greater, will fulfill your training requirements.