Accommodation and Return to Work Planning and Follow-Up

The University of Guelph is committed to the implementation of early intervention for those employees with disabilities upon entering the University's workforce and employees who experience occupational and non-occupational illness or disability while in the workforce.

There are four accommodation partnership programs developed to promote a collaborative approach in assisting employees to enter the workforce, remain at work, or return to work in an early and safe manner:

As required, the University will accommodate pregnant or nursing employees. Please see the pregnancy protocol for more information.

For more information on accomodation with a Support Animal, please refer to the Animals on Campus Protocol, the Animals on Campus Procedures, and the associated form(s).

If you require accommodations at work please have the appropriate form(s) completed, and forward to Occupational Health and Wellness (OHW) by fax 519-780-1796 or email. You may also contact the Rehabilitation Specialist to discuss opportunities at 519-824-4120 ext. 54283.