Medical Surveillance - Pregnancy Protocol

Medical Surveillance - Pregnancy Protocol

Where required, the University will accommodate pregnant and /or nursing employees, in order to manage occupational risks. These risks could be exposures to chemical or biological hazards, physical hazards such as ionizing radiation, and unsatisfactory ergonomic conditions (i.e. lifting weights, working for a prolonged period of time in standing or sitting positions) which are all common concerns. Please note that these are some of the noted risks, but there are others that are not identified here.

Pregnant employees are to contact the OHW to make an appointment to meet the Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) to complete a pregnancy check list. The employee is then to take this checklist to her doctor along with a letter to confirm her expected due date.

After the letter is completed by the healthcare practitioner, it must faxed or emailed to Occupational Health and Wellness at (519) 780-1796 or and the employee will be contacted to discuss an accommodation plan, as required.

For further information Occupational Health & Wellness can also be contacted at x52647.

Last reviewed: February 2024