Medical Surveillance - Rabies

Medical Surveillance - Rabies

All employees (staff, faculty, post-doctoral scholars), who in the normal course of their duties are required to handle potentially rabid animals or to work with rabies tissue in the laboratory environment, have to receive a full series of rabies immunizations, antibody titres and boosters as necessary.  The cost of this program will be borne by the individual department. This program will apply to new, existing and those University employees who, as a result of either a promotion or a re-assignment of duties, are appointed to positions where they would be required to handle potentially rabid animals or tissues.   A similar program is administered through Student Health for identified students.

Employees who are working in an area of potential exposure to rabid animals or handling rabid tissues are required to have their rabies titre checked every two years.

Rabies titre clinics are routinely held in the fall, (late September or early October).  In the event that an employee is unable to attend the advertised clinic in their area, it is the employee’s responsibility to contact Occupational Health and Wellness at 519-824-4120 ext. 52647 and book an appointment to have their titre checked.

For further information and a comprehensive outline of the program please refer to the Medical Surveillance-Rabies module.   Occupational Health and Wellness can also be contacted by phone at 519-824-4120 ext. 52647 or by email.

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