Medical Surveillance - Audiometric

Medical Surveillance - Audiometric

In workplaces with high levels of noise, employees face the risk of developing occupational noise-induced hearing loss if proper precautions are not taken. The University has implemented a comprehensive Hearing Loss Prevention Program to actively manage and mitigate hazardous noise exposure. The program is written in accordance with the University’s Health and Safety Policy.

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team conducts noise surveys to identify and evaluate noisy areas. Areas with potentially harmful noise levels are subject to interventions using engineering and/or administrative controls to reduce or eliminate the risk.

Noise-exposed employees with 8-hour equivalent noise exposure levels nearing or exceeding 85 dBA will have access to confidential audiometric testing provided by Occupational Health and Wellness (OHW). EHS establishes a noise registry through noise hazard assessments identifying affected worker groups and departments participating in the audiometric testing program. This registry is then shared with OHW for coordination and management of audiometric testing. Upon identification, including new hires, employees are required to undergo baseline audiograms. Subsequently, they must adhere to biennial audiograms or as scheduled by OHW.  

Employees based at the main Guelph Campus or local Research Stations will have their audiograms conducted at the OHW office located on main campus - Alexander Hall Rm 179. For employees at non-local research stations, audiometric testing is arranged through the supervisor or Human Resource Coordinator at the respective location, either locally or through a mobile service. All audiometric testing results are to be sent directly to OHW by uploading to the OHW Secure Drive or fax at (519) 780-1796.

OHW will notify supervisors of their departments biennial audiograms and will coordinate appointment scheduling for employees.  In the event of an employee’s inability to attend the scheduled appointment, it is the individual’s responsibility to contact OHW at 519-824-4120 ext. 52647 to reschedule their appointment.

Audiometric test results are reviewed by the Occupational Health Physician, employees will be contacted by the Occupational Health Nurse if a follow-up appointment is required.

For further information and a comprehensive outline of the program please refer to the Hearing Loss Prevention Program as well as the Medical Surveillance-Audiometric module. For inquires or appointment bookings, employees can contact Occupational Health & Wellness at extension 52647 or

Audiometric Module

Last reviewed: May 2024