Medical Surveillance - Audiometric

Medical Surveillance - Audiometric

Work in "noisy" areas can present a risk of employees developing occupational noise-induced hearing loss when appropriate precautions are not taken. The University has established a comprehensive Hearing Loss Prevention Program to actively manage and control hazardous noise exposure. The program is written in accordance with the University’s Health and Safety Policy and to ensure compliance with the requirements of Ontario Regulation 851 made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario.  “Noisy” areas will be identified and assessed by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) through noise surveys and personal dosimetry.   Potentially hazardous noise levels should be reduced or eliminated through the use of engineering and/or administrative controls

As part of the program employees regularly exposed to an equivalent exposure level equal or greater than 82 decibels must be enrolled in audiometric medical surveillance.  Identified employees must have baseline audiograms completed and have their hearing tested every 2 years or as determined by Occupational Health and Wellness (OHW).   

Main Guelph campus employees and employees from local Research Stations will have their audiograms done at the OHW office at Main Campus - Alexander Hall Rm 179. 

Hearing testing for employees from the Ridgetown campus and other Research Stations is provided by a local or a mobile service as arranged through the supervisor or Human Resource Coordinator at the location.  All audiometric testing results are to be sent to Occupational Health and Wellness either by email, or fax at (519) 780-1796 or internal mail to Guelph Campus-OHW Office, Alexander Hall Bldg. 31 Rm. 179.

Occupational Health and Wellness will notify supervisors with reminders of when their department is due to be tested and will schedule appointments for them. If an employee cannot attend the booked appointment, it is the individual’s responsibility to contact Occupational Health and Wellness at 519-824-4120 ext. 52647 to arrange for their own appointment.

All audiometric testing results are reviewed by the Occupational Health and Wellness physician and employees will be contacted by the Occupational Health Nurse if a follow-up appointment is required.

For further information and a comprehensive outline of the program please refer to the Hearing Loss Prevention Program as well as the Medical Surveillance-Audiometric module.  For any questions or to book an appointment Occupational Health and Wellness can also be contacted at 519-824-4120 ext.52647 or by email.

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