Our certified coaches provide a confidential process to help you meet your goals.   Goals may be related to one or more of the following:  career, professional, for example, transfer of skills from class to work environment, targeted skills development, leadership and management, and relationships.

When a request for coaching is made, information is gathered through conversation to determine if coaching is an appropriate service and there is a reasonable expectation of success at this time. An initial meeting with the person to be coached is held to gauge their readiness to participate in the process.

Coaching can be sponsored by the employee's manager, whereby coaching goals are agreed to by both parties, or it can be supported by the manager whereby the employee sets the goals and gains the manager’s support to participate in coaching. A contract describing the goals, the period of coaching, and the roles and responsibilities of each party, for example, coach, sponsor/supporting manager, coachee, is then agreed to and coaching will commence.

In sponsored coaching, the manager will receive a report at the end of the coaching period following a closing meeting with all three parties, indicating the completion of the agreed upon activities and the agreed upon next steps which will include tracking progress.

In supported coaching, the coach and coachee will conduct a closing meeting when agreed upon sessions have been completed. Coaching activities will be documented along with agreed upon next steps. It is incumbent upon the person being coached to report back to the manager.

While coaching can be made available to all staff and faculty, priority coaching clients include:

  • Those looking to transfer skills from a learning program or workshop into the workplace
  • Individuals seeking support to enhance performance as part of a targeted development plan or performance improvement plan
  • Individuals experiencing challenges in relationships at work
  • Professional and managerial employees seeking career development support