The Learning Partnership

learning partnership model describing role of employee, manager and learning and development

The goal of learning is to increase innovation, effectiveness and performance. A learning organization is a non-threatening, empowering culture where leadership and the workforce focus on continually developing organizational competence through systematic learning.

We all have a role to play in sustaining our reputation for excellence as a learning institution.   

It is the employee’s responsibility to identify his/her learning interests and make the most of the many learning opportunities available at the University.  This is done through reflection and by having a dialogue with your supervisor regarding your individual developmental needs as well as the skills and knowledge that are likely to become more important in your role.  

It is the supervisor's responsibility to support employee development by both encouraging and supporting opportunities to learn, grow, and advance their career in ways that support the organization.

It is Learning & Development’s mission to identify learning needs and provide opportunities and mechanisms for learning which will help develop individual and organizational capacity.

We are all partners in learning.