Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is a process to review and develop vision, mission, strategic directions and implementation plans, in alignment with the department and the University’s strategic priorities and integrated plan. Learning & Development’s participative and systematic approach to strategic planning helps a management team achieve buy-in and commitment to strategic plans. 

As part of the strategic planning process, Learning & Development’s work with managers and leaders may include any number of the following activities:

  • Determine purpose and outcomes of the planning process
  • Establish who the stakeholders are or who else needs to be involved in some other capacity
  • Prepare draft agendas for potential workshop sessions, including the selection or design of practical activities
  • Communicate with the prospective stakeholders regarding the purpose and process
  • Brief all participants and staff on their respective roles and their responsibility in achieving the expected results of the process 
  • Support effective process in group discussion
  • Ensure various perspectives are heard and respected
  • Open up honest and direct conversation of difficult issues while ensuring respectful communication
  • Alert leaders to any issues that may require personal or individual follow-up