Biological Spill Kit

  • A simple spill kit should be readily available and include the following items:
Contents of the Spill Kit Image Examples
Concentrated disinfectant (For more information, refer to Module 3.2 Disinfectants in the Biosafety training courses)  Clorox bleach and disinfectant spray bottles
Absorbent pads and paper towels Absorbent pads and paper towels image examples
Autoclaveable bag; Spill warning signage (could be computer printed or handmade) Autoclavable bag and spill warning signage
Dustpan and brush; forceps/tongs Dustpan and brush and forceps or tongs
Gloves and booties Gloves and booties
Safety goggles and N-95 Safety googles and face mask
  • All above contents should be placed in a tote or bin in clearly labelled and easily accessible space.
  • Supplies should be checked regularly (e.g. monthly or quarterly)
  • In the event of biohazard spill, inform PI/lab supervisor immediately.
    • Additionally, notify Biosafety Officer through completion of University of Guelph’s Incident reporting process (for exposure and/or near miss)