Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Programs educate staff, faculty and students on managing contact with radiation.  This can mean anything from lasers, to x-rays, to emissions from specialty microwave heaters, to subatomic particles from radioactive materials.

The University’s Radiation Safety Officers can be contacted as follows: 

  • Karan Virdi may be contacted by email or by phone at 519 824 4120 ext. 54888.
  • Daniel Cardenas may be contacted by email or by phone at 519 824 4120 ext. 53774.

Personnel who use high powered lasers (Class 3B and 4) and those that work with radioiodine (I-125, I-131) should refer to the Occupational Health & Wellness Website for information on required pre-assignment eye exams and thyroid bioassay monitoring.

Documentation and forms pertaining to the Radiation Safety Program are accessible to users through their University of Guelph login