Working at Heights

Working at heights can present a significant risk for those performing such work when appropriate precautions are not taken. To protect those performing work while at height, safe work procedures which incorporate the appropriate precautions to prevent falls from height are required to be developed and followed.

The Working at Heights Guidelines outlines the appropriate precautions to be considered when developing safe work procedures concerning the use of:

  • ladders
  • scaffolds
  • powered elevating work platforms
  • protective covers
  • warning barriers (bump lines)
  • guard rails, and
  • fall protection equipment.

Refer to Appendix A for a ladder inspection checklist which should be posted where ladders are stored, as a reminder for users of the components to inspect prior to the use of a ladder.

Fall Protection Equipment users must complete the online Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Form, each time before using fall protection equipment. Hardcopy completed fall protection equipment forms will also continue to be acceptable and a sample form continues to be available in the Working at Heights Guideline Appendix B.

If you have any doubt about the serviceability of any component of a fall protection system, remove it from service, tag and forward to EHS for further inspection.

For assistance in the use of these guidelines or the interpretation of the regulations cited, please contact the Health and Safety Consultant (Facility Safety) in Environmental Health and Safety.


Working at Heights Guidelines

Online Fall Protection Equipment Form

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Form Poster with QR Code