Ergonomic Assessments and Equipment/Chair Fittings for Faculty and Staff

Ergonomic assessments are available to all faculty and staff and may be requested by the supervisor or the employee. Assessments can be requested for a variety of reasons related to strains, employee discomfort, injury prevention needs or new work station set up.

To book an assessment please complete with your supervisor, the Ergonomic Assessment Referral Form and the Pre and Self-Assessment Form and submit it to Occupational Health and Wellness (OHW) by fax to 519-780-1796 or upload to the OHW Secure Drive.

Once OHW has received the forms an ergonomic assessment will be booked directly with the employee. The assessment will take place at the employee's workstation and could last 30 - 60 minutes. The supervisor may attend during the assessment, including the recommendation portion of the assessment, however, privacy between OHW and the employee will be requested if confidential medical information is shared.

The ergonomic assessment report will be sent to the employee and the supervisor. The recommendations are aimed at reducing the risk factors that could contribute to injury or exacerbation of an existing injury. It is recommended that the report be discussed between the supervisor and the employee to determine potential improvements for implementation.  The recommendations will also provide the worker with additional techniques and tools that will assist in performing job duties more comfortably.

Please be advised that sit/stand workstations will not be recommended through an ergonomic assessment. The purchase of a desk is a departmental decision and should be pursued through conversations with your direct supervisor. If you have a medical condition that impairs your ability to sit for prolonged periods, please see additional information regarding Accommodation. you will be required to provide functional limitations and duration by completing a Functional Capacity Form, which will then be reviewed in OHW and an accommodation strategy will be discussed with your department. 

Office Ergonomic Equipment Fittings for Faculty and Staff

Ergonomics is about fitting the workstation (monitor, keyboard, chair etc.) to the person and in today’s marketplace there is a wide array of ergonomically designed office equipment available.   The Ergonomics Learning Centre provides employees with an opportunity to discuss ergonomic products such as chairs, keyboards, and footrests prior to purchase.

It is recommended that employees be fitted for an ergonomic chair prior to purchase. An ergonomic chair fitting will ensure that the chair purchased is comfortable, fits the employee appropriately and provides adequate support. To request an ergonomic chair fitting, the employee and supervisor need to complete the Ergonomic Chair Fitting Request Form and submit it to OHW by email.  The Ergonomic Learning Centre is located in Room 174 of Alexander Hall and the appointment duration is typically 30 minutes.

For more information regarding the Ergonomics Learning Centre and test various equipment please contact OHW by phone at 519-824-4120 ext. 52647 or by email .