Extended Canada Day Break 2021

Posted on Monday, May 3rd, 2021

The previous twelve months have been both difficult and unpredictable for faculty and staff who have been instrumental in the University’s response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. To show our gratitude for these ongoing and significant contributions the University leadership team has elected to provide an additional paid day off in conjunction with the July 1, 2021, Canada Day holiday. 

Accordingly, the University will be closed for the July 1 statutory holiday (Canada Day) and will remain closed on July 2, 2021. Faculty and staff will receive their regular pay for these additional days off. The University leadership team appreciates the efforts of faculty and staff during these truly unprecedented times and hopes that this additional time away from work provides a welcome and much deserved break.

Those individuals whose job responsibilities prevent them from being able to enjoy this additional time and require them to work on July 2, will be provided with the equivalent amount of lieu time to be taken at another date. This may include:

  • faculty with courses or midterms planned for July 2 and staff required to support them
  • research staff with critical deadlines
  • faculty and staff who are needed to provide required or essential services on that date.

Sessional lecturers and teaching assistants will receive extra compensation at the Schedule B rate for scheduled class time.

Supervisors will advise those faculty and staff in advance as to the requirement to work on those dates. 

Regardless of whether the additional paid holiday can be observed on July 2 or at a later time, it is important to use this as an opportunity to recognize our faculty and staff's significant and ongoing contributions during the COVID‐19 pandemic.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts and continuing contributions!

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