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October is Healthy Workplace Month

October is designated as Healthy Workplace Month in Canada. The goals of Canada's Healthy Workplace Month® (CHWM) are to increase awareness and the need to have a healthy workplace. This is influenced by the following four elements of a healthy workplace:

Strategies for Managing your Expectations at this time of year

As the year winds down we are reminded that we should be planning for the holidays. The list of things you need to accomplish can leave you wondering how you’re ever going to get everything done in time. Homewood Health, through their Lifelines Newsletter, has provided us with tips on how to reset holiday expectations to help reduce holiday stress and enjoy the season.

We Share The Air


"Air, we share it not the scent.  Scented products and fragrances may contain chemicals which can cause negative health effects for many people, especially those with migraines, asthma, allergies and environmental sensitivities.  Please respect your colleagues and fellow students, avoid the use of fragrances and scented products.

We Share the Air Poster

Ebola Virus Memorandum

The University received a memorandum from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.  It recommends that staff and students that have arrived from countries affected by Ebola virus disease including: Sierra Leone; Guinea; Liberia; the cities of Lagos and Port Harcourt in Nigeria; and Equateur Province; and Democratic Republic of the Congo, perform self-monitoring for symptoms.  Those with higher risk exposures should be monitored by the local public health unit for 21 days after leaving these areas.  Please review the full memorandum

Dementia and the Elderly Series

Robin Smart, the Education Coordinator from the Alzheimer Society of Guelph-Wellington spoke at the University of Guelph, Occupational Health and Wellness, on Dementia and the Elderly. The three talks are now available on You-tube.

The topics include:

Sharing a Co-worker’s Grief

When a co-worker experiences the death of a loved one it can be tough to know exactly what to say or do. You may feel uncomfortable, awkward, afraid of intruding or worried that you will say something to make them feel worse. Here are a few helpful things to say and do as well as a few tips for things to avoid.

Helpful Things to Say and Do:

February is heart healthy month: The face of heart disease is changing

Many women think of cardiovascular disease as a “man’s disease”. That’s simply not true. In fact, women are more likely than men to die of a heart attack or stroke.

In Canada, stroke kills 45 per cent more women than men. Women are 16 per cent more likely than men to die after a heart attack. Only one in seven women are aware that heart disease and stroke are their biggest health concern…..

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