Total Compensation Statements delivered this week.

Posted on Friday, May 9th, 2014

Human Resources is distributing the 2013 Total Compensation Statement for active regular full time staff and select contractually-limited employees.  These statements will be delivered to employees during the week of May 12th.

The Total Compensation Statement provides a personalized snapshot of the value of many components of your compensation - salary, insurance benefits, retirement plans and other employment-related programs. The statement details the portion you pay as an employee and the portion supported by University dollars and is designed to express the total investment you and the University make towards your employee benefits.

The term “Total Compensation” is used to raise awareness of the full range of elements that make up an employee’s compensation package. Salary, group benefits (such as extended health, dental, group life insurance, and long term disability coverage), pension plan membership, vacation entitlement, career and development opportunities are all part of the Total Compensation package available at the University of Guelph.

Questions about your Total Compensation Statement?   Please visit the FAQs for further information.




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