“G” Thanks to Peter White at Simcoe Research Station!

Posted on Friday, March 19th, 2021

Written by Sarah Joosse, Wellness@Work Coordinator

Congratulations to our February “G” Thanks! winner, Peter White! Peter has been a dedicated employee at the Simcoe Research Station.

Peter’s colleague, Rachel Riddle, nominated Peter and shared, “what I appreciate most about Peter is that you do not even have to ask him to do something. I can just bring up an issue that might be stumping me and Peter will be on it right away, researching it and finding out how we can tackle the issue. Peter is also very mechanical, he can put almost anything together to make it work for whatever job we need done, so this ability paired with his understanding of research principals is a combination of skills you don't often find. Peter has probably assisted almost everyone at the Simcoe Research Station in one way or another over the years. He is always willing to go out of his way to help someone whether it is the summer students, farm crew, researchers, technicians, OMAFRA staff, and growers."

Rachel added, “Peter has always gone way beyond what is expected of him. His experience and expertise and field research is unmeasurable and valued greatly by all that work at the Station. Peter has continued to work the last couple of years, not because he needs to, but because he just didn't want to leave us hanging. Peter has now officially announced he is retiring at the end of this month, but I know he will still be around time to time to help out with anything we might need! "G" thanks Peter!”

Peter shared, “Rachel’s words have literally blown me away and taken my breath away. I love working here, it has been a great 7 years. This is my second stint working with U of G, and a great way to finish my career. Everyone here has been so wonderful to work with, so the appreciation goes both ways.”

As a small token of appreciation, Peter will receive a “G” Thanks! prize box in the mail from the GREAT at U of G Committee.

Congrats Peter and thanks for all of your hard work over the years!  

Learn more by visiting the GREAT at U of G website: https://www.uoguelph.ca/hr/appreciation-recognition-home.

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