Congrats to our June “G” Thanks! Winner Helen Oliver!

Posted on Wednesday, July 26th, 2023

June "G" Thanks Winner Helen Oliver

Congrats to our June “G” Thanks! Winner Helen Oliver!

Emily Brouwer shared in her “G” Thanks nomination:

I would like to nominate Helen Oliver- she works tirelessly at the Animal Health Laboratory to keep everything running smoothly. She volunteers her time for the social committee and united way. She’s a pleasure to work with and she deserves the recognition.

A virtual celebration was held for Helen and a prize was sent to her as a token of thanks.

Maria Spinato shared: I nominated Helen twice for Hidden Heroes but apparently there are a lot of Hidden Heroes at U of G so thank you Emily for nominating her. I was glad she could get recognized by the “G” Thanks Program. It’s very true that Helen is the heart and soul of the AHL. I often tell people that she runs the AHL, not I. She is a fountain of information and yet she still finds time to talk to people, sit with people and find a resolution to problems. I don’t know how she does it - I’m sure her two cats help. Helen, you are appreciated by all of us at AHL so thank you very much.

Emily shared: It has been quiet here with Covid and there hasn’t been as much social interaction. Helen tries her best to make people - happy. She always pokes her head in. It’s nice to see someone. What more is there to say? We love Helen. We just love you Helen. Thank you.

Helen reacted: I really appreciate the nomination and the award, I’m just me. This is how we are. We always get along. This is my work family. I said a long time ago if I wasn’t having a good time where I was working, I would move along and that’s never happened. I like my work; I like the people and we do have a good time. We work hard. I have been on the U of G campus my entire career starting January 1977 working in Bldg. 43 for OMAFRA/Vet Services until April 1997. We were moved over from OMAFRA to the University of Guelph officially on April 1/1997 and I have been here ever since. We have a lot of fun and I have had the great pleasure of working with many wonderful faculty/vets and staff over the years. I feel truly honoured. The University of Guelph is an awesome employer and the best employees!!!

Congrats Helen and thank you for all your GREAT work!


GREAT at U of G is being updated to align with the University’s 2022-2027 Strategic priority to support staff and faculty success! The “G” Thanks Program will be temporarily paused in September and relaunched on World Gratitude Day on September 21st, 2023.

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