Health and Safety

Cold Weather Alert

The combined effect of cold air and wind speed is expressed as wind-chill temperature. Over the next few days, outdoor wind-chill temperatures are expected to be well below –25C. At these low temperatures, work in outdoor environments can present a significant risk for workers performing such work when appropriate precautions are not taken.

AEDs Located across Campus

Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) are in a number of Guelph and Regional Campus facilities. 

Training on the use of AEDs is available through every First Aid course. This 14 minute video will also provide a quick review

Upcoming Guelph campus First Aid courses are listed at

For additional information, please see the @Guelph article found at

CCOHS Poster on Chemical Exposure Routes

Please find attached a free chemical exposures poster by CCOHS, feel free to print and display in areas where users are to be aware of chemical exposures in your work environment. If you require specific guidance related to chemical exposures in your work environment please contact EHS at Additionally, If you have concerns regarding chemical exposure and require an evaluation contact Rachel Pinto, Occupational Hygienist at or Ext. 54855.

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