Make Meetings Matter!

Meetings are crucial to your group, team, department and ultimately to the entire organization. They rely on responsible, focused and respected interaction between all group members.

Facilitating Effective Meetings is a new program from Learning & Development designed for those required lead meetings on a regular basis. Here is your best chance to learn the skills you need to plan and conduct meetings designed to achieve successful outcomes!

Four Generations at Work

The ability to motivate and co-ordinate staff in an increasingly complex and ever-changing world is a major challenge facing organizations today; add in the generational divide and the challenge for managers increases tenfold. 

Learning & Development is introducing two new programs to help managers understand the generational divide and develop the skills required to successfully manage four generations at work.

University of Guelph Employees Recognized for Long Service and Exemplary Service

The University of Guelph recognizes the commitment and valued contributions of all of its faculty and staff with 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service as well as employees who have demonstrated outstanding service to the University community and/or who have made significant contributions to the University community beyond what is normally expected for their positions.

For more information please visit our Awards and Recognition page.

Popular "Managing Me" program returns for Fall 2011

In June 2011, Learning & Development piloted a new program, "Managing Me", to campus Admins.  Over 25 people participated in the program and the feedback was terrific.  People told us we had to bring the program back, and so we are pleased to announce we will offer "Managing Me" for a second time in October 2011.

"Managing Me" is a workload and time management program that helps individuals do more with less, execute on strategic priorities, and stay engaged by raising the bar in how you plan, focus, organize and manage expectations.

Update on Steelworkers Local 4120 Negotiations

This bulletin is intended to update the U of G community on the talks between the University and United Steelworkers Local 4120, the union that represents nearly 1,000 University staff members.

Help us help the Guelph Food Bank

The Guelph Food Bank is in need of the community’s help to replace storm damaged goods.  The Food Bank was hit hard by the Wednesday morning storm. Part of the roof was torn off the building which resulted in water damage to a large amount of boxed food. 

U of G Receives ‘Stage-One’ Approval for Pension Relief

The University of Guelph’s application for stage-one temporary pension relief has been approved by the provincial government. Under recent provincial legislation, universities facing significant solvency funding requirements for their pension plans were given the opportunity to seek temporary relief under certain conditions.

This means that U of G now has three years of stable and manageable pension contribution payments, and the possibility of a longer period to pay off its pension plan solvency deficit.

Managing Me! - New program for Admins

Struggling to do more with less? Finding it difficult to plan, focus, organize and manage expectations?

Learning & Development, HR, invites Admins across campus to register for Managing Me, a workload/time management program that helps individuals execute on strategic priorities and stay energized.

Key topics include:

Sharing a Co-worker’s Grief

When a co-worker experiences the death of a loved one it can be tough to know exactly what to say or do. You may feel uncomfortable, awkward, afraid of intruding or worried that you will say something to make them feel worse. Here are a few helpful things to say and do as well as a few tips for things to avoid.

Helpful Things to Say and Do:

CUPE 1334, University Ratify Agreement

Members of CUPE Local 1334, which represents about 250 trades, maintenance and service worker employees, and the University of Guelph have ratified the agreement that was reached earlier this month.

In a joint message issued Feb. 7 about the agreement, Martha Harley, assistant vice-president (human resources), and Janice Folk Dawson, president of CUPE Local 1334, said:

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