2015 Leave for Change Volunteers Announced

Five members of the University of Guelph community have been selected to participate in Leave for Change in 2015.

They will contribute their vacation time to volunteer their talents and skills with organizations in developing countries.

Volunteer assignments and travel dates are being finalized for the following staff and faculty:

·     Mario Deschamps, Special Constable, Campus Community Police

·     Rebecca Knaggs, Residence Admissions Officer

·      David Prescott, Professor, Department of Economics and Finance

Nominations for Exemplary Staff Service Awards

Nominations are now being accepted for the Exemplary Staff Service Awards!   

The award is $2,000 in each of 7 different categories and recipients are recognized at a special annual event.  For details about the categories and nomination forms please visit the Awards and Scholarships Page.

The deadline for nominations is May 1, 2015.

Leave for Change Volunteers to share their stories

Last year, two University of Guelph employees traveled to Nepal on Leave for Change volunteer assignments related to farming. Agriculture in Nepal has long been based on subsistence farming, particularly in the hilly regions where families derive their living from the land. Over 80% of Nepalis are involved in agriculture and dairy farming makes up 12% of the gross domestic product.

University seeking staff and faculty to Leave for Change

The University of Guelph will support up to seven people to volunteer in developing countries through the Leave for Change program this year.  

Last year, participants completed mandates in Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Nepal and Vietnam.  The volunteers were:

Electronic Submission of Job Fact Sheets for Evaluation

Please note effective February 17, 2015, Human Resources will no longer be accepting hard copy Job Fact Sheets (JFS) and will only accept JFS for evaluation that are sent to

Clients who submit a hard copy JFS will be requested to resubmit electronically to ensure proper processing and record keeping. 

Learn more by reviewing the new process for submissions. Please direct any questions to Angie McLaughlin at Ext. 56703.

New Process for Submitting Job Fact Sheets for Evaluation

In order to streamline the job evaluation process for regular full time positions and improve efficiencies, Human Resources is making changes to the Job Fact Sheet (JFS) submission process.   Effective October 24, 2014 all JFS’s being submitted for evaluation must be sent electronically to

In order to ensure that submissions are correctly processed without delay, please review the new process for submitting JFS on the Submitting Job Fact Sheets for Evaluation webpage.   

USW 4120 Collective Agreement Ratification

Members of USW Local 4120, which represents about 800 administrative, clerical and technical employees, and the University of Guelph have ratified the renewal Collective Agreement that was tentatively agreed to on September 13, 2014.

Upgrades to Sun Life software means greater convenience

Sun Life plan members can now enjoy greater convenience at the dental office with the introduction of online dental pre-determinations.  In addition, plan members can now have their second payer coordination of benefits claim submitted by their dental provider. 

Plan members are encouraged to have their dentist send a pre-determination (or estimate) for any major dental work. A pre-determination lets plan members know what will be covered by their benefits plan.

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