Alumni Stories

Leadership, commitment to excellence, and service to the community are core values of OAC alumni. Today, alumni of the college play leading roles in all sectors of the agri-food industry in Canada and around the world. Their achievements widely recognized, OAC alumni have been well-represented in the University of Guelph Alumni Association's awards program, in agricultural halls of fame and in cabinet positions in the federal and provincial governments.

140 Faces of OAC

To celebrate the Ontario Agricultural College's 140th anniversary in 2014, we compiled a listing of 140 people from OAC's past and present community. The project was created in hopes of capturing the diversity of people, including many alumni, who make up the identity of OAC and its 140-year-long history. View the 140 Faces of OAC project.

Here are just a few stories on our OAC alumni:

We are also working on building up a collection of alumni stories on the pages of the website. If you are interested in sharing your OAC story, please contact Lindsay Stallman, OAC Alumni Advancement Manager, at or call 519-824-4120 ext 56842. We'd love to hear your OAC story and share it with others.